Do It Yourself

Want to record your very own podcast? Of course you do.

Northwest Podcast Network is looking to add content from amateur podcasters from around the Inland Northwest. If you have a show idea, then tell us all about it!

Broad range topics accepted – Simply Contact Us and describe your show. Give us a few example topics and how often you’d like to record. If we like your idea, we’ll ask for a sample show.

Then, if we like that,  you will be the newest star member of the Northwest Podcast Network. We get like 40 billion hits per day.

Couple of rules:

– Your show shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes in length or a file size larger than 30 MB.

– We aren’t sticklers about audio quality (just listen to our crappy shows), but your show needs to be audible.

– You have to record the show yourself and send it to us. We don’t offer recording sessions or equipment rental. And nerds, please don’t send us viruses. It’s kind of a jerk move.

– We aren’t into creepy things or mega-political rants. Opinions are great, but we don’t want to be hunted by the FBI.

Interested? Then Contact Us now!