Cinephile Reborn #4 – Magnolia Revisited

Fred returns to “Magnolia” and reconsiders his profane, two-word review

Fred didn’t like “Magnolia.” In fact, he hated it. This made Tyler crazy. How could this MASTERPIECE not be appreciated by the typically level-headed Mr. McNeill? Now, 15 years after its release, Fred and Tyler reexamine Paul Thomas Anderson’s sprawling drama.

Magnolia poster

Cinephile Reborn #3 – Remembering Robin Williams

Fred and Tyler grew up on the movies of Robin Williams. “Aladdin” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” came at the perfect time for two young, impressionable cinephiles. Now they discuss the late actor’s best and most memorable work, as well as some of the lesser known but great performances. No, we’re not talking about “RV.”

Robin Williams as Mork

Cinephile Reborn #2 – Fred hunts the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Cinephile Reborn #2 – Fred hunts the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Fred doesn’t see many movies these days, something that will change thanks to the Cinephile Reborn podcast and the insistence of his good pal Tyler. Luckily, Fred caught up with Tyler’s favorite movie of 2013, Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Fred and Tyler discuss the film and where it falls in Scorsese’s filmography.


Cinephile Reborn Episode #1 – Fred’s Movie Origin Story

Cinephile Reborn Episode #1 – Fred’s Movie Origin Story

Cinephile Reborn – Re-Igniting the passion for movies

Fred McNeill loves movies. Just maybe not as much as he once did. As he got older, life got in the way. Time for watching movies was limited, and Fred missed out on some of the decade’s most fascinating cinema.

Now Fred is back in the zone, with the help of his childhood friend and Northwest Podcast’s movie maniac Tyler Wilson. In this inaugural episode, Fred and Tyler discuss the origins of Fred’s love of cinema and how he approaches watching movies.


Jonah Show Episode 7 – Amanda Knox… really.

Jonah Anderson knows a lot about obscure true crime mysteries and little known conspiracies. He also knows about Amanda Knox, enough to talk about her, anyway. Listen, there’s more to be said about this case!!


Jonah Show Episode #6 – Lead Masks Case

Jonah Anderson talks about a freaky case involving a curious facial accessory. And it’s not one of those diamond piercing things people used to have on their cheeks.


Jonah Show Ep. 5 – Cobain conspiracy still a thing

Cobain’s Death  20 Years Later – Jonah’s still skeptical

It’s been 20 years since Kurt Cobain committed suicide. According to Jonah Anderson, that should be “committed suicide,” because the facts of the case make no sense to him. Fair warning: Jonah is NOT an official investigator on the case. Learn more about Jonah’s longest standing theory.