Best Movies of 2014 – Top 5 – T&A Reviews

Part 2 of Tyler and Angela Wilson’s discussion of the Best Movies of 2014. It’s our Top Five movies of the year! There’s some heated disagreement on “Interstellar,” a whole lot of love for “Boyhood” and those boyhood Lego toys, and some of Tyler’s favorites that just missed his Top 10.

Forget about Academy Awards and listen to our opinions! We’re cooler. And look for more T&A reviews in 2015 at Northwest Podcasts.

Check out Part 1 (picks 10-6) of our discussion of the Best Movies of 2014.


Best Movies of 2014 – #10-6 T&A Reviews

Tyler and Angela are back with T&A reviews… Get your mind out of the gutter! They get the final word on the Best Movies of 2014, just before the Academy Awards get everything wrong.

It’s a show so good, we had to split it into two parts. Get ready for lively discussion on the movies that made Angela punch Tyler’s shoulder in delight, as well as movies Angela couldn’t be bothered to see. We’ve got patriotic superheroes, stoned detectives, Swedish schoolchildren and Tom Cruise getting killed over and over again.

Listen now, and go here for Part 2 of our discussion – Our top five movies of 2014!


Disney Marketing – Ignoring girls and music to sell ‘Frozen’

Disney’s animated juggernaut “Frozen” recently topped a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Great for them, but Tyler and Angela Wilson argue the success of “Frozen” had nothing to do with its snowman-centric, tonally-vacant marketing campaign. Why does Disney run away from the very thing that makes them successful? We talk about what matters to “Frozen” – the music and the genre-busting female characters.

disney frozen characters

Grand Budapest Hotel – Northwest Podcast Network review

Tyler and Angela Wilson discuss the latest Wes Anderson film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Stylistically, the film is exactly what you’d expect from the guy who made “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Moonrise Kingdom.” Story wise, Tyler and Angela think Anderson is entering brave new territory. Listen in as they discuss the first great movie of 2014!

Grand Budapest Hotel poster

Best Movies of 2013 – Part 2 – #5-1

The Top FIVE movies of 2013 – these were the ones Tyler and Angela really loved. Listen to their discussion, and don’t forget about the first part of this episode – the bottom half of our Top 10 Lists HERE.

The Wolf of Wall Street image

Best Movies of 2013 – Part 1 – #10-6

Tyler and Angela reveal their favorite movies of 2013. First up, the bottom half of their lists, numbers 10-6, which includes movies about singers, monsters and a nice helping of Matthew McConaughey. Hey, be sure to check out the top half of their lists, Numbers 5-1, HERE.

12 Years a Slave image

Netflix Instant binging – A good thing?

Tyler and Angela discuss getting pressured into watching all of “Breaking Bad,” and whether everybody’s favorite shows are the ones that are available on Netflix Instant Streaming. When you binge watch a television show, how much are we missing?

Netflix bingeing bad for tv

Captain Phillips – real life audio review

Tyler and Angela discuss the Tom Hanks thriller “Captain Phillips,” directed by Paul Greengrass (“United 93”). We liked it, even if the  Captain Phillips was kind of a jerk.

Captain Phillips review


Apocalyptic movie showdown – Oblivion vs. After Earth

Tom Cruise and Will Smith both starred in movies about people from the future returning to a ruined Earth. Neither (directly) talk about Scientology — sorry conspiracy theorists. Which movie is better? Hint. It’s not the one directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Welcome to the Oblivion vs. After EarFF battle of the century.


The Wolverine Berserker audio review

Tyler and Angela wanted to take their claws to the latest film featuring Hugh Jackman’s Woliverine. But wait! “The Wolverine” is actually a good movie! Maybe the best use of Wolverine in a movie yet. Take a listen.