Netflix Instant binging – A good thing?

Tyler and Angela discuss getting pressured into watching all of “Breaking Bad,” and whether everybody’s favorite shows are the ones that are available on Netflix Instant Streaming. When you binge watch a television show, how much are we missing?

Netflix bingeing bad for tv

Idaho voices ranking Pixar – kinda.

Let these North Idaho experts tell you about the best and worst of Disney/Pixar. That’s right – Tyler and Angela rank all the Pixar movies from best to worst. Well, actually, they don’t. It’s more like grouping the Pixar movies into quality categories.

Here are the movies we’re talking about, in a RANDOM ORDER list: Toy Story 1-3, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Monsters University, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up, Cars, Cars 2, Brave.

Pixar movies ranking

Quickie #4 – Viruses in pop culture (NOT about zombies)

Angela teases Tyler about his hypochondria and asks about the best outbreak-themed movies. Not zombie outbreaks, though. Geez, Internet. Get over it.

Quickie #3 – Idol, female artists and second-rate Alanis

The best reality show winners, Tyler’s standout female artists (though he forgot to mention Fiona Apple, who is easily one of his favorites), and why nobody cares about Taylor Swift’s boyfriends.

Quickie #2 – Fascination with the noodle

Podcast Quickie #2 – exploring more inappropriate things in movies and pop culture.


Quickie #1 – Strong Women, Parents & “The Ladies”

Podcast Quickie #1. As this is #1 (as in the first), please be forgiving. These should get better and more entertaining as we get used to this new category.

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