Jonah Show Ep. 4 – Rock Tweets

Smellin’ what The Rock is Tweetin’

Jonah has a RUNDOWN of The Rock on Twitter. What’s the coolest guy in the world Tweet about? Find out in the latest episode of The Jonah Show. Also some corrections that will save us from government assassination.

Rock as Hercules Jonah Show

The Jonah Show #3 RC Carwreck

Military Conspiracy? Or fiery coincidence?

Jonah discusses a recent potential conspiracy involving a journalist, a skittish government and… a full-size remote-control car? NOTE: Jonah presents a few provocative opinions here, and his co-host wants everyone to know that he thinks Jonah is wrong and that everything is A-OK in America.

SECOND NOTE: Jonah may have a few names and facts wrong here. But, you know, that’s his opinion, man.

RC Car Jonah Show

The Jonah Show Episode #2 – Movies Jonah Saw in 2013

Spring of The Rock and Six Other Movies

The Jonah Show breaks from the regular format (episode 2!!!) for Jonah Anderson to rank his 10 Favorite Movies of 2013. Interestingly, Jonah saw exactly 10 movies in 2013. Perfect for a Top 10 List! How will all those Rock movies compare? Listen in to find out.

Audio note: There is a baby making noises in the background of this podcast. Just pretend it’s adorable.

The Rock in Pain and Gain

The Jonah Show Episode #1 – Somerton Man

Tamam Shud and Jabrones.

Jonah Anderson makes his triumphant return to the airwaves. Check out the first episode of the NEW JONAH SHOW!!! In this episode, Jonah checks in on The Rock and discusses one of his favorite unsolved mysteries – The case of the unidentified man found on Somerton Beach, Australia in 1948. ┬áListen and find out!!