Best Movies of 2014 – #10-6 T&A Reviews

Tyler and Angela are back with T&A reviews… Get your mind out of the gutter! They get the final word on the Best Movies of 2014, just before the Academy Awards get everything wrong.

It’s a show so good, we had to split it into two parts. Get ready for lively discussion on the movies that made Angela punch Tyler’s shoulder in delight, as well as movies Angela couldn’t be bothered to see. We’ve got patriotic superheroes, stoned detectives, Swedish schoolchildren and Tom Cruise getting killed over and over again.

Listen now, and go here for Part 2 of our discussion – Our top five movies of 2014!


Smiley Face Killers – Jonah Show Ep. 2-2

Connected murders or crazy theory?

Jonah Anderson discusses The Smiley Face Killers Theory, focusing on accidental drownings around the country that may be something more nefarious. It’s a totally real theory, as evidenced by this Wikipedia page. Jonah shares a personal story with a spooky and/or irrelevant connection to the case, plus Jonah and Tyler check in on The Rock.

smiley face graffiti





Jonah Show Season 2 Premiere! Tommy Wiseau and DB Cooper

Tommy Wiseau meets Jonah Anderson – and Tommy might be a master criminal

Welcome to a brand new season of THE JONAH SHOW! It’s episode 2-1, and it’s all about Jonah’s experience meeting Tommy Wiseau, genius creator of “The Room.” Jonah talks about seeing Tommy’s newest project, as well as a new theory that may solve a decades-old case. Plus, as always, we check in with The Rock!


The Jonah Show – Dissecting ‘Fast & Furious 7’ trailer

The Jonah Show in Print!

While you wait for new episodes of the The Jonah Show, check out the print column, all about the “single greatest movie ever made.”


Best Article Ever


So I don’t think I’m overstating the fact that the most important event in human history just happened. “The Fast And Furious 7” trailer dropped. I’m going to break down the trailer with as much detail and thought that a super fan like myself can.

The trailer starts out with Dom (Vin Diesel) talking on the CB radio to his crew. The shot goes from him, to Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), to Roman (Tyrese) and we hear from Tej (Ludacris) who is asking Roman if he’s freaking out which he clearly is. Now why is Roman freaking out so much? I mean they’re all in cars, it’s basically where they live.

It’s no stretch to call them the greatest team of drivers ever. Roman says he’s not freaking out but Tej calls him out and he and Brian O’ Connor (Paul Walker) have a good laugh. Roman wants someone to walk him through what they’re supposed to be doing. Come on, Roman, know the plan. I mean you’re probably just driving and pulling off a heist or something, get those butterflies out of your stomach.

The red light goes off, some sort of rear door opens and we get to see everyone in some sweet rides.

Cut to an exterior shot of an airplane!? What the hell? They’re in an airplane? In cars? Now this I’ve got to see. I mean they have a lot of experience in airplaning from the last movie, but I didn’t see any doomsday devices handed out.

O’ Connor says “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better” to his boy Dom. Dom says “Here we go” while Roman provides some comic relief by blessing himself. What is going on here?

Holy shit they throw the cars in reverse and skydive out of a fucking plane, IN CARS!

Cinephile Reborn #4 – Magnolia Revisited

Fred returns to “Magnolia” and reconsiders his profane, two-word review

Fred didn’t like “Magnolia.” In fact, he hated it. This made Tyler crazy. How could this MASTERPIECE not be appreciated by the typically level-headed Mr. McNeill? Now, 15 years after its release, Fred and Tyler reexamine Paul Thomas Anderson’s sprawling drama.

Magnolia poster