Oak Island Treasure – Jonah Show Episode 2-5

Call up Indiana Jones, because the Oak Island Treasure may be the greatest discovery that’s been, well, undiscovered. Jonah Anderson discusses the mystery… could it be Marie Antoinette’s jewels? Or The Rock’s secret to massive muscles? Listen and find out!


Dyatlov Pass – Jonah Show Episode 2-4

Hikers go into the Russian mountains, and they don’t come out! Jonah Anderson discusses a classic mystery. We’re “russian’ you to watch it now!



Jonah Show in Print! – ‘Furious 7’ Review

The Rock. Diesel. Jonah Anderson. ‘Furious 7’

Jonah Anderson has the only review of “Furious 7” that matters. Let the Oscar talk begin….

Holy shit, that was awesome!


That’s pretty much my review of “Furious 7” in a nut shell, but I know I should expand a bit. The real challenge will be not expanding too much. I mean I wrote multiple pages on a two minute trailer, now I’ve seen the full two hour and twenty minute movie. So I’m going to try and keep it light and not go into a super amount of detail so that this doesn’t become the novelization of “Furious 7.”

The movie opens with an introduction to the villain Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). He has beaten up an entire hospital’s worth of police officers, and he is talking to his now paralyzed brother from “Fast 6.” He swears revenge on the crew. Good luck, pal.

Elisa Lam Hotel Mystery – Jonah Show Episode 2-3

Water tanks and strange surveillance videos

Jonah dissects the mystery of Elisa Lam, a young woman found dead in a hotel rooftop water tank. Accident or murder? Jonah Anderson has all the answers. Plus, more discussion of Planet Earth’s all-time greatest person – The Rock!


Best Movies of 2014 – Top 5 – T&A Reviews

Part 2 of Tyler and Angela Wilson’s discussion of the Best Movies of 2014. It’s our Top Five movies of the year! There’s some heated disagreement on “Interstellar,” a whole lot of love for “Boyhood” and those boyhood Lego toys, and some of Tyler’s favorites that just missed his Top 10.

Forget about Academy Awards and listen to our opinions! We’re cooler. And look for more T&A reviews in 2015 at Northwest Podcasts.

Check out Part 1 (picks 10-6) of our discussion of the Best Movies of 2014.