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Northwest Podcast Network is an upstart empire focusing on pop culture commentary, local news and special interest podcasts. Or at least that’s what we hope it will be somewhere down the line. We have no budget. We have no commercial restrictions. We are free-roaming, on-the-fly podcasters – and one day soon, we will figure out what we’re doing.

Our primary focus at launch is entertainment. Pop culture has changed drastically these past few years, and while it seems like EVERYONE has a different opinion, we’ve noticed a lot of the same noise, nitpicks and negativity that surrounds almost everything in the entertainment industry. We hope to break from the hive mentality and offer honest, uninfluenced opinions.

It’s all for fun too, so don’t expect us to dive into foreign policy discussions and political strategery.

Podcast Voices

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Tyler Wilson – Graduate of the University of Idaho, earning degrees in English and Mass Media studies, Tyler is a longtime film aficionado and fan for all things pop culture.

He has written film reviews for various regional publications since 2000, served as Arts and Entertainment editor for the Coeur d’Alene Press and remains a film columnist and correspondent for the North Idaho newspaper.

Podcasts: Film Commentary and Reviews, MPAA – Movies Preferred As Awesome (coming soon),  North Idaho Now (coming soon) and The Jonah Show

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Angela Wilson – Another proud graduate of the University of Idaho, earning her Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Education, Angela brings the “casual viewer” perspective to pop culture.

Rather than over-thinking and analyzing individual components of film and television, she focuses on a single, all-important question: Was I entertained?

She saves her deep thinking for more important matters,  but nevertheless brings an insightful and logical voice to the world of pop culture.

Podcasts: Film Commentary and Reviews, Top-Secret-Innovative-New-Podcast-Topics Coming Soon!

The Rock looking handsomeJonah Anderson – Yet another graduate of the University of Idaho, Jonah has a degree in Business, and he means business. Armed with offbeat opinions about sports, true crime and popular culture, Jonah is a force that cannot be contained.

A long time ago, he made a splash with the innovative multimedia program, “The Jonah Show.” Now repurposed into an exclusive weekly podcast series, look for “The Jonah Show” to make a triumphant return.

Podcasts: The Jonah Show