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  • Season 2 of THE JONAH SHOW is back! Binge on new episodes! Season 2 of THE JONAH SHOW is back! Binge on new episodes! After a (not) brief hiatus, Season Two of The Jonah Show continues with all new episodes. Learn about a mountain climbing incident for the ages, a treasure worthy of Indiana Jones and The Rock's activities from several months ago!
  • Best Movies of 2014 Best Movies of 2014 Tyler and Angela run down their 10 favorite movies of 2014 in the return of T&A Reviews. Love for "Boyhood," "Grand Budapest Hotel" and more, as well as some major disagreement about "Interstellar." Listen to the epic 2-Part podcast now!
  • Magnolia Revisited on Cinephile Reborn Magnolia Revisited on Cinephile Reborn Fred McNeill hated Paul Thomas Anderson's "Magnolia" when he first saw it. Forced to watch it again by "Magnolia Groupie" Tyler Wilson, Fred reexamines the film and whether he was too hasty a decade ago.


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Cinephile Reborn – The in-depth movie show starring the legendary Fred McNeill!

T&A Reviews -Film Commentary essays and podcasts from Coeur d’Alene Press columnist Tyler Wilson and Angela Wilson

Jonah Anderson and the triumphant return of THE JONAH SHOW! Season 2 is Happening NOW!

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